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Our Committment

Conservation is at the heart of Lamaro Plumbing. All our cars have offset emissions through green fleet,
which plants trees to offset the carbon footprint.

Our electricity for the office and yard is powered by green power through Powershop, it comes from wind farms at Mt Millar and Mt Mercer.

When working, we take care to recycle all our waste. If we can’t use the recycle bins on the job, we store separated waste at our yard and take it to the waste resource centres at Myocum and Ballina when needed.

Materials separated and recycled are

  • Concrete, brick and tile, which gets broken down and re-used

  • All steel and metal

  • Untreated timber and hardwood is recycled as green waste

  • All PVC, Polyethylene and HDPE pipe offcuts, and other plastics, are now recycled

  • All Cardboard

  • Polystyrene packaging (found on most new appliances) is separated and recycled, along with the plastic bags and packing strap.